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June 24, 2021 Cape Fair, Mo

Many thanks to Do All for the awesome job they did on our new roof. Zane did an excellent job from start to finish with the estimate, advising us on the best shingle color to match our house, and scheduling the work . He was friendly, caring, and professional. Especially mindful of us being retired and working with us to get the best price for our budget. And a giant hats off to the crew that did the tear off and installation of the new roof. The day of the job they worked in temperatures of the mid to upper 90’s with a heat index of about 110. Our new roof looks wonderful and we could not be more pleased. We highly recommend Do All and thanks again to Zane and the entire team for a job well done.

May 13, 2021 HOLLISTER

I would like to thank Zane and the whole DoAll Construction crew for the great job they did replacing our roof. They did a fantastic job in a short amount of time. I will recommend them to everyone. Hoping to use them for siding and gutter replacement this spring.

May 5, 2021 Reeds spring

I would like to thank Zane and his crew for doing a great job reroofing my house

April 14, 2021 Branson, MO

There is nothing fun or pleasant about having to buy roofing. It is a noisy messy process that begins early in the morning and it's expected the roofers will disappear after a set number of hours. Weather during our project was cool and they were able to work much longer. Had the temperatures and humidity been higher it is reasonable to expect shorter work days for safety sake. From past experience we expected the roofers would leave pieces of shingles, nails and other roofing materials in their wake for the number of days it takes to complete the roofing project and then expected to dig roofing materials and nails out of the bushes and from around the house for weeks after the project is complete hoping you nor your pets step on them running them in your feet/paws. WRONG! This crew put down tarps first thing every day and before they left for the day they fleeced the yard, bushes, everywhere! The crew was respectful of our property and treated us with respect which we have found is not always the case anymore. "Do All" made having to replace the roof a lot less painful in all aspects of the process including price. The list of those we found who are not trustworthy and we would not recommend is embarrassingly long so it was nice to add a company to the few we found can be trusted and can be recommended to others. Our roof has just been completed so it hasn't stood the test of time; but, it is hard to imagine a company that is this conscientious would not. We will call "Do All General Construction" to address the many other undisclosed issues that continue to pop up.

March 29, 2021 Kimberling city

last year we had a major hail storm, but it was a few months later before we observed damage. We observed a few water stains on ceiling and made decision to get with insurance and get new roof. I was unsure who to contact so I contacted major local roofing company. The person came out and just walked around, acted as if being asked to come out was some kind disruption of his day. He wrote down a number for bid, without any break down of work, so I asked if everything I needed was in the bid. He did some additional increases and says here ya go. I've been in construction line of work for many years so I knew the bid was way off. I also had the insurance bid, and the two were no where near each other. It appeared his bid did not include many of the needed items. I was talking to local shop employee and he said I would go to "Do all" they have been around for many years and does the best work. I was headed to gas station and decided to stop by Do all office. Zane was in office so I explained my situation. Zane said lets go see! He followed me home and climbed up on the roof to conduct a bid. First, he found the cause of leak and applied a sealant, which appeared to stop the leak. Next, he explained everything he would do to make roof best option. He measured everything and wrote down each item with a cost. When he finished I compared it to insurance adjuster review. It was right in line with everything. I said you're hired, let me know when ready. Zane did all the insurance paperwork and a 10 person team came and in one day we had a new roof. I also talked some with the guys who delivered the shingles and they made a comment about how they deliver to all roofers in area and I picked the best group. You can't go wrong with this team!


March 13, 2021

I usually do not wright reviews , but as a painting contractor for over 30 years the most frustrating thing is poor communication and people do not call back or days later. and that what separates, Zane from the rest . He is on it ! when ever I do a job through Zane I have Instant communication and information do do the job , which is invaluable for Scheduling and whenever I have problem ,because you know sometimes things never go 100% right . I call on Zane and He immediately responds ,addresses the situation and resolves-the issue (. sadly , kind of rare these days ,) But not for Zane , He goes far and above to get the job done right. exceptional work ethic ,excellent communication, and knowledge in his field . which results in Quality work, I strongly recommend Zane and Do/All for your Roofing and General contracting needs for a timely ,professional Job !!! Mark, Burdette Painting

March 10, 2021 Raven Oak Rd

Do All General Construction and Roofing, what can I say? They DO ALL, little, and big to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied. John and Zane had outstanding communication from the first time I called for Do All to look at my roof, to them calling asking me what I think when the roof was done! It was perfect, the roofers were exceptional, and the clean up afterwards was just phenomenal. I trust Do All to do any future work I need and without question would refer them to anyone! Thank you John, Zane, and your team again, I love my new roof!!

March 2, 2021 Reeds Spring, Mo

John and Team do all the little things to make your unpleasant experience with the Insurance Company bearable. John was always available and on time. Did what they said they would do and when they said they would. All the neighbors are thankful for his GREAT service and personal attention to the job. If you need any work done you can do no better than Do All General Construction. Thank you John

February 4, 2021 Branson West

Thanks Do-All for our new roof and for your great support throughout the process. Our roof was in bad shape with defective shingles and hail damage when Zane and John came out to assess the damage and said we should make an insurance claim. Zane came out to the house again when the insurance adjuster arrived and walked the roof and pointed out the damage just to have the adjuster deny the claim. For some context, Do-All was 1 of 3 roofing companies I called to assess the hail damage and all 3 recommended that I make a claim, however, Do-All was the only roofers that made it a priority to be here when the insurance adjuster came.
Shortly after our claim was denied we had a storm with high winds that blew large area of shingles off the house. Once again I called the 3 roofing companies but this time only Do-All, Zane, showed up in a timely manner and once again recommended making a claim but this time suggested that I ask for a different insurance adjuster; which I did. This time the insurance company approved a new roof. While awaiting the insurance company approval and payment Zane promptly had his crew temporarily patch the damaged areas of the roof to get us thru bad weather forecasted over the xmas/new years period and then got all the materials ordered. After the holidays the Do-All crew arrived and had the old roof removed and the new roof installed in just 1 1/2 days plus did a great job of cleaning up afterwards. I'll finish by saying that Zane did a great job of managing this roof project from start to finish with no surprises and he and John have earned my respect and future business. Thanks again Do-All!

February 1, 2021 Kimberling City MO

John met with us to determine our roof damage from the storm. John and team did a great job replacing the roof and correcting the leak in the bedroom. The inside repair work was awesome, could not tell where ceiling damage was repaired. Great job John

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