I started working in construction in 1980 in California when I started building “speck homes’ in Nevada City. After a few years, I started working on commercial projects and later I was hired as a superintendent over several commercial building projects in excess of 60,000 square feet in Sacramento, CA. In Northern California, I built “high-end restaurants in the area with demand for my business.

I kept myself abreast of the demands of quality remodeling while working on high end resorts in South Lake Tahoe. My business had me delivering quality work with quality people working under me, who I screened, to help promote the very quality work my business produced.

After moving to the “Ozarks” and settling in the Branson West area, I began working on starting my new business here, “Do All General Construction” where I have focused on remodeling existing homes and businesses. My clientele has consisted of word of mouth due to the quality of my workmanship. This has been my focus along with building a reputation for honest bidding and satisfaction of the clients who hired me as evidenced by the testimonials from my clients which are on this website. You can visit with any of these clients at any time.

With a separate roofing business, I also work from foundation to roof which is reference by the name of my business, Do All. I work with electrical, plumbing, custom kitchens, custom bathrooms, new window, new doors, sheetrock, painting, flooring of all types, exterior materials as well as helping with drainage problems or solutions.

As a “Master Carpenter” I pride myself in the highest quality workmanship as well as staying within my client’s budget. I have worked to establish myself and my crew to meet the demands of my clients to produce the quality work expected when I am hired. I take pride in being prompt, keeping my clients posted along the steps of the job, keeping the work area cleaned daily and providing written documentation of the work done as well as the items used.

I am bonded and licensed and carry a $ 2 million liability insurance to protect me as well as to protect my clients. I have worked with various cities in our area to meet their city requirements for contractors working within their city.

Please allow me to offer you a bid on your project whether big or small and allow me to show you a true “Master Carpenter” while hiring me…..John Hermoso with “Do All General Construction”.